​​​The Raising of our Puppies

Puppies are born under supervision in a safe, stimulating & clean environment. They are in a quiet and safe nursery with their mommy until 4 weeks of age.

At 4-5 weeks of age they begin to explore, potty on their own and are introduced to puppy food and potty training even eventually to use a doggy door all on their own to go outside to do their business!

NO! Pups are never taught to potty on pee pads, litter boxes, newspaper or any of the "convenient" methods that hold the puppy back from learning whats natural- doing their business outdoors! This is more work for us, and around the clock care to keep the potty business in the potty area and the sleep/play area sparkling clean (the puppies have their own washing machine and maid-ha!) but its the right way and benefits each puppy and their family tremendously.

YES! using a doggy door here at a tender age is beneficial to any household without one. The concept is simple- puppies begin to potty on their own around 4 weeks of age, they are not able to hold it for any amount of time at this point so we provide them with a sufficient sized area just for bedding that has a doggy door leading to a much larger outside area with a potty patch (artificial grass) they are trained to use. Our pups comprehend the concept of going potty outside long before they are capable of letting a human know they need to potty. This is a huge milestone at a tender age and rather than being taught a whole new concept in their new home they only need to be redirected in the appropriate area with your schedule!

Puppies are socialized with people, other animals (cats, smaller dogs & even a bunny!) and get to play outside in the grass & sunshine for several hours per day in good weather! They are analyzed for both sound health & disposition making them the finest example of a Golden Retriever- best recognized as being "The loyal family dog"

Deposits & Visitation

A deposit is required to reserve a puppy before welcoming you to our home. We do not have visiting hours or a public facility- our dogs are here with our family in our home. We take the health of each of our dogs & puppies very seriously and would never risk deadly contagious diseases that can be easily (and unknowingly) spread from people into our home. Puppies are protected by their first puppy vaccine at 8 weeks of age and can safely be visited at that time with a puppy adoption in process.

All details can be found on our website about us, our dogs and our litters to make a solid commitment with confidence- we stand behind our word and each puppy for their lifetime. We do have references available, be sure to check the box on the adoption form to get in contact with a previous adopter or

click here to read what other families have said about us

​We use the information provided in your puppy adoption form to best match your family with a puppy. We take sex, color, personality and activity level into consideration. We will present the puppy best matched to you within your litter of choice and send several photos and personality description. Of course, if there are 2 puppies that suit your preferences we present both to you and let you choose! Puppies receive their first puppy vaccine and final health check prior to allowing any visitation- at 8 weeks of age. Puppies can start going to their new homes at 8 weeks of age so we combine the (in-person) meeting of your new puppy and going home on the very same day! Our clients have an average 150+ mile (round-trip) travel so this works out best for that as well! We strive for this be a joyous experience for everyone as it truly is a special time for us, your family and your new furry family member. Please feel free to bring the entire family to meet your new puppy but we do ask you leave your other pets at home as it is not the right place for that introduction and not in the best interest of your pets or ours (stress). Thanks for understanding.


We run a structured breeding program because it works; our ultimate goal is to build a relationship with each family, having each puppy to go to a wonderful family for a lifetime of love.

Puppy Pick-up

Puppies are ready to venture to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. They have learned the proper socialization tools from their mommy, litter-mates and myself and have all age appropriate vetting to protect them in their new venture. At this time it is important they get more one on one attention and be introduced to their new family, home and routine. We schedule your puppies pick-up with plenty of time to plan, and work with your family to schedule for the best day for you- within 2-3 days (with flexible hours in the day & evening) of your puppy turning 8 weeks of age. Puppy balance is now due in cash.

We do try to accommodate each clients needs as best as we can and are able to keep a puppy for a short period of time beyond the normal pick-up time. The puppy daycare fee for this to ensure your puppy is getting all the required attention, direction and love required is $10 per day

Puppy Food

Our puppies are started on American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato (all life stages) grain free dog food. Puppies need to continue on with a wholesome puppy food of your choice, we welcome you to choose the food best suited for your preferences and are happy to send home a sample of ours to transition with.

When food shopping be sure to a quality meat based food, the first item on the ingredient list should be a meat . Golden Retriever's do not tend to have sensitive digestion systems or allergies (none of ours have required a particular/special food) so you may select between varieties of meat and/or grain free at your preference. www.dogfoodadvisor.com can help you compare brands.

We feed 2x a day (morning & evening). A feeding chart will be on the back of your food of choice, each brand varies so be sure to check the bag to find the amount needed each day.


Recommended items needed

Crate- Your puppy will need a space safe for them to be unsupervised until trained. Wire crates are a great choice, you will need a size medium/intermediate (approx. 36" length). This size will fit your dog as an adult and most come with a divider to make it smaller while they are. We can have one ready for you when you pick up your puppy- Order here!

Puppy Essentials​Your puppy will need puppy food a collar, leash, food & water dishes, puppy shampoo, toys of different varieties, training treats & chew bones. 

We can provide a puppy kit made up for your puppy with all the basics his/her first few months. Order here!

Other helpful options are a baby gate to block them off in a smaller area of your home or an exercise pen! All are great options and completely your personal preference, I use a combination here with each litter and they are accustomed.


We are located in Mechanicsburg, Ohio 43044

close to Dayton, Columbus & Cincinnati! 

Do remember we are not open to the public- this is our home and you will be provided an appointment for your puppy adoption!

We do welcome great families from all over the map to adopt our awesome puppies. We have many great states that our pups now call home! We do require the travel is made here to visit our location and meet us in person-I'm a handshake kinda gal and look forward to meeting each and every family.

Our puppies have traveled to the many states listed below so far!

  • Complete Health Exam & Gurantee
  • Lifetime Return Policy
  • Current on all age appropriate vetting
  • Personal puppy match-up to your family
  • Microchip with lifetime registration
  • Proper Socialization 
  • Grooming & Boarding services for the lifetime of your dog
  • Lifetime support for advice & questions

Every Puppy Adoption Includes

Golden Retriever's are made of a Pure Heart & a Wagging tail

HD Goldens is a small in-home kennel with a big passion for the loving, gentle, loyal nature of Golden Retrievers. Our breeding program is established with passion for the breed, love for the animals and most importantly professionalism and integrity. We strive to provide loving families with the perfect example of the Golden Retriever breed; outstanding in appearance, intelligence and demeanor!

We specialize in a variety of colors including English Creme, light & medium gold and red- all with hearts of gold! All of our dogs have completed and passed thorough vet exams, approved for breeding and are sound in health and genetics which they pass down to their beautiful and intelligent offspring. Genetic health info of offspring is also monitored and clear to date!

Each puppy is raised in professional hands and well socialized giving them the best start to being the perfect family companion. Much time and dedication is put into each dog, litter and finally each puppy. Raising dogs is a lifestyle rather than a hobby here at HD Goldens, a solid breeding program requires several dogs with excellent genetics and demeanor, around the clock care and most importantly- the dedication to maintain the health and well being in each and every dog & puppy here. My dogs are my family! Our breeding program & facility is licensed & inspected and in great standing with the American Kennel Club

Here at HD Goldens our puppies are raised to be adopted as pets to loving families. All parents are AKC registered & health tested prior to being considered for breeding. They are proven to be the best example of the breed, are loving, healthy, happy pets- passing down those great qualities to their offspring. Your puppy will go home with both parents AKC info as a testament of their heritage.

Each puppy is personality tested and hand chosen for each family after we get to know you and your lifestyle. This is not a pay the money and take the puppy experience, each family receives personal attention as we strive to provide a service rather than a sale and enjoy doing it! 

Included with each puppy adoption is a registered microchip, grooming session, all information needed to care for them including a suggested routine, vaccination & feeding schedule, and a contract with lifetime return policy.

Each puppy has all age appropriate vetting-documented and is health checked prior to leaving. We send home a special gift bag personalized to your puppy including a blanket with their mommy & siblings scent on it.

We strive to send you home with no questions unanswered and with the best advice possible to make the transition a joyous one. Puppies are never homed before 8 weeks of age per Ohio law, they need this time for crucial socialization skills with their litter mates and our other pets.

Welcome to HD Goldens!