Our Puppies

Puppies are born under supervision in a safe, stimulating & clean environment. They are in a quiet and safe nursery with their mommy until  4 weeks of age. At 4 weeks of age they begin to explore, potty on their own and are introduced to puppy food. At 5 weeks of age they are introduced to a doggy door for them to go outside to do their business in a secured area. At 6 weeks of age they are socialized with people (I handle them from birth of course!) other animals, and get to play outside in the grass & sunshine! They are analyzed for both sound health & disposition making them the finest example of a Golden Retriever- best recognized as being "The family dog"

Our Procedure

We accept deposits as soon as a litter is born, for a choosing order. A meet and greet for families that have placed a deposit to visit and choose their pup is scheduled around the puppies 6 week mark-after their first puppy vaccination and when personalities begin to emerge. We arrange this with the families generally on a Saturday or Sunday in a 2 hour timeframe with timeslots to choose your puppy in order of deposit. A deposit is required before welcoming you to our home as is in the best interest and safety of us as well as avoiding any impulse buys.

Puppies are ready to go to their new family as soon at 8 weeks of age.


There are many great food brands out there to choose from in a wide price range. Our puppies do not tend to have sensitive tummies and we often switch food brands ourselves, making selecting a brand suitable for your budget & location not an issue at all.

We start off with a puppy food with a small sized dry kibble to make it easier for the young pups to chew at 4 weeks of age, we then transition to a food for Large Breed puppies.

When food shopping be sure to determine what is your most important quality; price, purchase location, ingredients. Always read the label on the back of the bag to ensure you are getting what you pay for. A meat based food and/or grain free will be your best option for optimal health, but not crucial to development.

We feed 2x a day (morning & evening). A feeding chart will be on the back of your food of choice, each brand varies so be sure to check the bag to find the amount needed each day.


We also introduce puppies to probiotics and other nutritional supplements such as canned pumpkin to ensure they get off to the very best start in the first crucial weeks of development.

 Info on dog food brands and their ingredients/quality can be found at www.dogfoodadvisor.com

Recommended items needed

*Puppy Essential Kit- we offer a kit to include all the basics for your puppy during his/her first few months. This includes an appropriate size collar & leash, food & water dish, specially formulated puppy shampoo, training treats, chew sticks, nylabone, measuring cup for food, rope & plush toy. Order here!

*Crate- Your puppy will need a space safe for them to be unsupervised until trained. Wire crates are a great choice, you will need a size medium (approx. 36" length). This size will fit your dog as an adult and most come with a divider to make it smaller while they are.  Order here!

Other helpful options are a babygate to block them off in a smaller area of your home or an exercise pen! All are great options and completely your personal preference, I use a combination here with each litter and they are accustomed.

Those are the basics; with the above, love, time, attention & consistency to make your precious puppy shape into the wonderful dog they are destined to be!


We are located in Mechanicsburg, Ohio close to Dayton, Columbus & Cincinnati.

Our puppies have traveled to the many states listed below so far!

  • Complete Health Exam
  • Lifetime Return Policy
  • 1st Immunizations
  • Health guarantee
  • Professional handeling
  • Proper Socialization 
  • Grooming & Boarding services
  • Lifetime support for advice & questions

Welcome to HD Goldens!

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Our breeding program was established with professionalism and integrity to provide loving families with the perfect example of the Golden Retriever breed, outstanding in appearance, intelligence and demeanor.

We specialize in a variety of colors including English Crème, light gold, medium gold and red. All of our dogs have completed and passed thorough vet exams and are sound in health and genetics which they pass down to their beautiful and intelligent offspring.

Each puppy is raised in professional hands and well socialized giving them the best start to being the perfect family companion. Much time and dedication is put into each dog, litter and finally each puppy. Raising dogs is a lifestyle rather than a hobby here at HD Goldens, a solid breeding program requires multiple dogs with excellent genetics and demeanor, around the clock care and especially the dedication to maintain the health and well being in each and every animal here. The biggest factors in making this happen is dedication and funds, puppy adoption fees go into paying the bills incorporated in sustaining a proper facility, vet care and the raising of these precious well loved and happy dogs. Without my great crew of dogs I would not be able to provide families with a beautiful loving companion!

Puppy adoption includes