We are located just outside of the rural town of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, conveniently off of State Route 4 close to Dayton and Columbus

An address and directions will be given when a deposit has been made and a visitation has been scheduled.

  • Complete Health Exam
  • Lifetime Return Policy
  • 1st Immunizations
  • Health guarantee
  • Professional handeling
  • Proper Socialization 
  • Grooming & Boarding services
  • Lifetime support for advice & questions

Welcome to HD Goldens!

Our breeding program was established with professionalism and integrity to provide loving families with the perfect example of the Golden Retriever breed, outstanding in appearance, intelligence and demeanor. Specializing in a variety of colors including English Crème, light gold, medium gold and red. All of our dogs have completed and passed thorough vet exams and are sound in health and genetics which they pass down to their beautiful and intelligent offspring. Each puppy is raised in professional hands and well socialized giving them the best start to being the perfect family companion. Much time and dedication is put into each dog, litter and finally each puppy. Raising dogs is a lifestyle rather than a hobby here at HD Goldens, a solid breeding program requires multiple dogs with excellent genetics and demeanor, around the clock care and especially the dedication to maintain the health and well being in each and every animal here. The biggest factors in making this happen is dedication and funds, 100% of all puppy adoption fees go into paying the bills incorporated in sustaining a proper facility, vet care and the raising of these precious well loved and happy dogs. Without my great crew of dogs I would not be able to provide families with a beautiful loving companion, they are certainly treated with the respect and standards expected for any pet!


HD Goldens stands behind each puppy for life, a return can be made at anytime proper care can be given to the puppy/dog, ensuring no dog from my breeding program will ever end up in the hands of a stranger or shelter

If you are interested in an HD Golden puppy please review each page of this website, I have put all the information possible about each of my dogs, my procedure, pricing, and puppy availability!

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